The Pros And Cons Of Nuclear Power

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Power, a commodity and much debated about topic today. Many take turning on a light or heater for granted. The problem is that fossil fuels won’t last forever and the solutions are a hot topic amongst the scientific community. Many different solutions have been offered, each with it’s pros and cons. Some scientists are arguing for clean and renewable energy like solar or wind, while others claim that we should find more effective ways of mining and using fossil fuels. Neither of these are a single solution that can power the world for an extended period of time. Many have ideas of how we should harness power, however, not many of them could be a permanent solution, unlike nuclear fission is a cleaner, safer, and more reliable solution.

Nuclear Power is, in the timeline of history, relatively new and as such many do not understand how and why it works. Nuclear power creates energy using the process of nuclear fission, the releasing of energy creates steam, which then rises up from the reactor, turning turbines in the process and generating electricity for use. For example, one kilogram of coal produces 8kWh of energy, one kilogram of uranium 235 produces 24,000,000 kWh of power. This allows for much more power to be produced over time compared to other energy sources. This cost would lead to an overabundance and therefore the price of power would decrease, allowing those who previously went without power to have it. According to Steven Fetter in the article, “How Long Will
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