The Pros And Cons Of Nuclear Science And Technology

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Nuclear science and technology, what once started in the heart of World War II have now grown to be used for a variety of purposes. The debate in recent times have been between the different viewpoints of the technological impacts of nuclear science. The report wishes to examine if the government and powerful private organizations should allow this form of science to progress due to all its technological impacts. The purpose of the report is to analyze the arguments raised by both sides of the debate and have the readers decide their strengths. The subtopics the report will cover are as follows: 1. Nuclear technology in energy production 2. Nuclear Waste: Is it a problem? 3. Radioisotopes in foods and agriculture 4. The long and short-term effects of nuclear waste 5. Nuclear technology in medical treatments 6. The social, moral and security impacts of the Nuclear Bomb. The report will examine the severity of the arguments raised by both sides and if the arguments are free from having interest explanations and other social influences. The report does not seek the ‘truthfulness’ behind the viewpoints but rather study them agnostically. 1.Nuclear technology in energy production 1.1 Nuclear energy as a replacement for non-renewable energy resources. The use of fossil fuels has been largely criticized by environmentalist due to the carbon emissions. Climate change has developed from concern of individuals, to nations in recent times. Nuclear energy is seen as a step

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