The Pros And Cons Of Nuclear Weapons

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Nuclear weapons pose a direct and constant threat to people everywhere. Far from keeping the peace, they breed fear and mistrust among nations. These ultimate instruments of terror and mass destruction have no legitimate military or strategic utility and are useless in addressing any of today’s real security threats, such as terrorism, climate change, extreme poverty, overpopulation, and disease. These weapons can be used only as a device to make other countries feel insecure and leverage when dealing with smaller countries. Soon hopefully, the United Nations will come up with a treaty that will abolish nuclear weapons for good. The problem with nuclear proliferation is that while most states have chosen not to develop nuclear weapons there are some states that think that obtaining these weapons will make them more powerful against hegemonic states. Iran, India, Pakistan, Israel and North Korea are the only five states that have tried to develop nukes and some critics of the international community believe that these states developing these dangerous weapons are to maintain the security necessary to combat powerful states like the US and Russia. North Korea is finding themselves caught in a security dilemma and create a nuisance in other nations. The United States was the first country to manufacture nuclear weapons and is the only country who has used them during combat. During the Cold War, the race for nuclear weapons began with the competition between the Soviet

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