The Pros And Cons Of Nurture

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As you sit watching the evening news, a story comes on explaining that a man was arrested for killing an innocent family in a random neighborhood. You ask yourself, “How could a person do something so cruel?” For years, people have researched what makes a person a criminal. Are we born with the qualities that make us a criminal or do we develop those qualities through the experiences we encounter in our lifetime? Answering this decade old question requires comparing and contrasting both sides of the theory concerning human development. Is human development the result of nature, nurture, or a combination of both? Criminal like behavior and characteristics develop because of experiences throughout our lifetime, but in some cases, there may be a few exceptions as to why a person becomes a criminal (Mcleod, Saul). What is nurture? Nurture is the term in psychology used to explain that environmental factors have an impact on human development. Influences such as childhood experiences, our upbringing, and socioeconomic status can have an impact on our personality and the person we become. According to many people who study psychology and lifespan development, nurture contributes the most when it comes to the development of humans because external factors potentially leave the biggest impact on the human brain (What is Nurture?). How does nurture work? Nurture can be described in many ways. For instance, imagine a man who abuses his family, both mentally and physically. Was the
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