The Pros And Cons Of Over Policing

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Similarly to the Oakland boys, finally, I too have suffered from over/under policing. Certain negative behaviors in my elementary were overlooked, such as bullying, despite the zero-tolerance policy. Most teachers would ignore the zero-tolerance policy and choose not to police my bully's bad behavior. When it came to pushing me down stairs, calling me fat and ugly, or rubbing my possessions into the dirt to ruin them, my teachers were lackluster in their policing. However when it came to minor, easily punishable 'crimes' that I committed, like wiggling in my chair, they were over-policing machines. This led me to the same distrust in authority as it did for the Oakland boys, I despised my teachers and thought of them as incompetent, unfair, and part of the problem- not to be trusted. These issues of social control all work singularly and in tandem with each other to create a system where the young boys in Oakland mostly become self-fulfilled prophecies of criminals, drop outs, or gang members. Even I, despite my white…show more content…
We were all forced to wear uniforms per to the regulations of the newly instated dress code, however we were not even allowed to wear the colors the dress code permitted. We could wear navy or white shirts, only, and 'house clothes' such as slippers, low riding or baggy ('saggy') pants were not allowed. All clothes had to be well-fitted as well, obviously because they considered what they viewed as traditionally poor, Black clothes to be 'gang' clothes. The school stripped children of their personalities and dignity by forcing them to dress alike, and the administrators would further do so by berating students when they 'failed' to conform to the dress code in the most minor ways after forcing us to line up and present ourselves to them like prisoners do in a prison
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