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You are the health informatician of PGH Badulla. There are no ICT officers in the hospital. On your 1st month in the hospital you realized that all the computers in the hospital are installed with pirated copies of Microsoft Office ®.
Draft a strategic plan to address the above situation that you can forward to the hospital director for his perusal and approval.

As the health Informatician of PGH Badulla, my first task after realizing that all the computers in the hospital are installed with pirated copies of Microsoft office is to identify what are the ramifications of continuing to use these pirated copies in the hospital system.
First of all I would like to pay attention to the harmful effects it would have to the computers and the data itself.
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The other option and more preferred one is to go for free and open source software.
In order to make an informed decision I would like to elaborate on the pros and cons of using either original Microsoft office package or free and open source software.
Free and open source software as the name suggests is often free or at least much more cost effective, whereas original Microsoft software is highly costly. Therefore using OSS as Libre office or Apache Open Office will save a huge amount of money rather than going for original Microsoft office. And we can install OSS in all the computers of the hospital without having to worry about licenses.
OSS is often evolving to the betterment as a large membership is involved in developing it and fixing bugs. And since it’s legal upgrading the software should not be a problem for us.
Since OSS are more flexible we can modify the software as we wish to suit our requirements.
Another benefit is that we are not restricted to a propriety system with vendor designed products which are compatible only with each other when using an
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