The Pros And Cons Of Paper Books Vs. Electronic Books

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Many people think books are just words printed on a page that is only used when needed, however, that is not always correct. Books are a way for the reader to see into the mind of the author and experience their thoughts and emotions. In today’s technological era, books are evolving to become available electronically, rather than the printed books society is familiar with. People speculate whether or not these electronic books, or e-books, are more beneficial than paper books. To determine which is better, they may take into consideration the availability, convenience, and connection to the paper books and e-books. Paper and electronic books have advantages and disadvantages, but they both are similar in that they allow the reader to experience a new world that was previously only experienced by the author.
In today’s society, people are always in a rush to complete the next obstacle in their life. They don’t have time to go to the library or bookstore and find a book that interests them, but would instead get on their smartphones and download a book directly to it in only a few minutes. To obtain a printed book, one usually has to travel to a physical place in order to purchase it, and even then, it is not guaranteed that the place will have it in stock. This causes e-books to be favored more in regards to the availability because, at an online bookstore, there is no such thing as a book being out of stock. Gregory Rawlins, a writer for the Journal of the American Society
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