The Pros And Cons Of Peyton Manning

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It was a freezing night, with snow glazing over the three-hundred and sixty foot field. The previously undefeated Patriots stood like goliath, immune to death glares and “boos” echoing around the Denver stadium. The swirl of the snow made it difficult to see exactly where the ball was, but near the end of the night, it was clear that the Broncos would soon defeat their giant, all the while being lead by an intrepid, young quarterback. This astonishing win wasn’t just a victory for the Broncos, but for Brock Osweiler as well.

As much as Broncos fans were joyful for the win over the Patriots on November 30th, it only deepened the conundrum that surrounds the mile-high team. This issue lies around Denver’s two quarterbacks, Peyton Manning and Brock Osweiler. Peyton Manning, who once seemed like a paragon for the sport is now slipping from football fame. After leaving the Colts, a team where he had success, Denver seemed like the perfect place to continue his legacy. With eager fans, a strong defense, and a former Bronco QB as general manager, who wouldn’t want join that opportunity. However, football is a challenging and fickle sport, and this winter season especially seems to be a difficult one for Manning. With too many interceptions, and a recent plantar fascia injury to his left foot, he’s
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I think I would stick with Osweiler. But not sure there’s proof Denver offense is playing significantly better with him around”. Peyton Manning is one of the best quaterbacks the NFL has seen, but is coming to the end of his career. Brock Osweiler has had two lucky games starting for the Broncos, but no one is sure if he can continue that
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