The Pros And Cons Of Pollution

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With more and more people not doing their part to help and maintain the Earth, pollution has influenced and vastly affected how many of us live, the environment, and the health of many individuals. The term pollution scientifically means the establishment of contaminants into the environment that cause adverse change. It comes in many forms such as air, water, land, soil, thermal, and light. Pollution began around the world dating even dating back to when the Romans were present. The Romans would light fires, burn sculptures, and make armory, causing the process of pollution to start off slowly and transition into today’s time. Nevertheless, people today participate in various activities such as burning fossil fuels and releasing carbon dioxide which is doing even more damage than what the Romans ever did. To start with, people dating back to the 20th century thought pollution was a joke when scientists first started discovering the side effects it was having on the Earth. People had never heard of such a term before and many top companies such as GM and Chevy didn’t listen which resulted in a chain reaction of no one else paying it attention. The author goes on to explain that Alice Hamilton of Harvard University calls Charles Kettering of General Motors “nothing but a murderer” (“Environmental History Timeline”). According to the author, Kettering is the inventor of leaded gasoline and knew it wasn’t the safest way gasoline could be made. Shockingly, all leaded

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