The Pros And Cons Of Postal Service

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Hence, they try to get involved in generating revenue by infringing on net neutrality principles. They prioritize data packets from certain sites, which are ready to pay for this service.
For an analogy, postal service officials don’t read the letters they are delivering. For a common service, is it possible for them to read the letter and decide if they are going to deliver the packet or not? Is it ethical for a postman to priorities a mail delivery by taking bribe from the sender?
For another analogy, roads treat all commuters equally. They don’t charge differentially based on what vehicles are carrying or what the destination is. Roads or vehicle registration authority may charge more for bigger vehicles since they damage the roads more. But going by the same analogy, ISPs can charge differently to heavy usage customers. By no means they have the right to inspect the data internet packets.
Another analogy is of electricity service. Power distribution authority doesn’t charge variably by looking into what people are using the energy for. They may charge variably based on amount of energy usage. The same can be done by ISPs to increase revenue or control congestion. They can charge more to the people for consuming more data thus managing congestion and increasing profitability.
Competition is the mother of invention. By prioritizing data packets coming from certain sites, ISPs are hindering the competition. New market players generally do not have a budget to pay ISPs for
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