The Pros And Cons Of Poverty In North America

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In North America, millions of people are affected by poverty. High-class members of the United States in charge of large corporations take advantage of these lower class individuals. Impoverished individuals who are able to find a job usually work for minimum wage and experience poor working conditions. These lower class workers do not deserve the lifestyle they must deal with. Low class individuals not only have to struggle with finding employment, but also have to worry about the government of the United States mistreating them. Whether someone is an impoverished immigrant or U.S. born citizen, it is evident that the government and large corporations in North America take advantage of low class individuals by offering them jobs with atrocious pay and working conditions. First, there are a huge number of impoverished individuals in North America being affected by the government taking advantage of their social position. In the article, “How the Poor Are Made to Pay for Their Poverty, Barbara Ehrenreich shows the difficulty of being poor in America. Ehrenreich states, “Being poor itself is not yet a crime, but in at least a third of the states, being in debt can now land you in jail” (381). One example is the way law enforcement is singling out poor people by fining them for things they cannot afford such as, not being able to pay for their children’s education. America’s low class individuals already struggle to afford a decent lifestyle. The government shouldn't be
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