The Pros And Cons Of Precision Medicine

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When people think of prescription, they usually conceive of “one-size-fits-all” approach to drugs or patient treatment. However, with the emergence of a new concept “precision medicine”, medical community is now aiming for tailored treatments to deliver right drug to the right patient at right time.
According to the Precision Medicine Initiative announced by former president Obama, precision medicine refers to innovative approach that allows medical professionals to target specific treatments to individual patients. Such approach not only considers patient’s medical records but also takes into account their individual differences in genes, environments and lifestyles. Unlike therapies designed for average patients which were effective for some patients but not for others, precision medicine enables doctors to tailor their treatments for patients, improving the chances of survival while reducing the possibility of adverse effects.
The concept of ‘precision medicine’ is often mixed with a more familiar term ‘personalized medicine’ and
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First, there are possibilities of personal information leakage and invasion of patient’s “right to be let alone”. Precision medicine brings information from millions of people together and this can become an attractive target for hackers or other criminal activities. Patients’ medical records include not only simple demographic data, but genetic information and so on. Such information can be abused by numerous pharmaceutical or bio-engineering companies, since it allows them to save their budget in recruiting subjects for experiments or marketing. In this sense, patients can become targets of unwanted marketing phone calls and text messages from these companies. This invades patient’s right to privacy, which protects own’s personal information from being used for involuntary
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