The Pros And Cons Of Private Public Schools

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Deciding whether to send your treasured children to a public or private high school can be difficult. As a parent, you always want what’s best for your children and their futures. There are various factors to consider when weighing each option, and parents must take the time to carefully study which one benefits their child the most. Benefits to private high schools are, closer relationships with teachers and guidance counselors, smaller class sizes and challenging curriculum. For public high schools, you can receive more choices in curriculum, teachers are a certified educational instructor, and there is a lower cost for attendance. Of course when there is a pro to a topic there is a con. The cons of private schooling include a high cost, teachers are not required to have a teaching degree and there is less of a diversity of classes available. For public high schools, there are larger class sizes which some might not like, there are limited access to learning materials and classes are taught at a mid-learning level, which may cause advanced learners to become bored. Despite the pros and cons, it is ultimately the parents and the student’s decision on whether to attend a public or private high school.
First off, what is a public school? “Public schools are schools that are provided by state and federal funding. Ninety percent of the children today in America attend public school” (Chen). But when considering public versus private school, parents will have to lay out all the
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