The Pros And Cons Of Private Security

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Private security is growing rapidly throughout several countries. Usually security is militarized to assist with the rise in criminal activity mostly in the urban areas in Trinidad and Tobago. Although the private security continues to answer the call when it comes to forces of globalization and privatization of the challenges of public security and its limited resources (Anyanwu 2012).
The private military companies (PMC) and the private security companies (PSC) are similar when it comes to services provided for the greater demands for different types of security. Carlos Ortiz defines private security companies and private military companies as “legally established international firms offering services that involve the potential to exercise force in a systematic way and by military or paramilitary means, as well as the enhancement, the transfer, the facilitation, the deterrence, or the defusing of this potential, or the knowledge required to implement it, to clients.”(Anyanwu, 2012)
According to Anyanwa, private military companies have been used since 1990 for the industries in Trinidad and Tobago, but they both lack some ability to meet traditional state protective standards along with the local police trying to meet the growing demands of security needed. Even though private security is growing both regional and international, the local agencies are small but still the majority.
These agencies offer the traditional armed officer and unarmed guards for services. It has
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