The Pros And Cons Of Pro Bono System

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We are aware that there are a lot of people who cannot afford to pay for legal services. Therefore, they are unable to plead their case appropriately, and many times, even lose their right.

Without a professional representation to give the necessary advices, interpretation and defense, we find that many disadvantaged people in the society are kicked to the hard side of the law.

However, a legal pro bono service helps people who cannot afford legal representation, to secure legal aid. A Pro bono service is not like the traditional voluntary service. This is a voluntary work undertaken willingly by professional lawyers who are skilled in various aspect of the law. It provides you the opportunity of legal representation by a professional, without any pay.

We bridge the gap of poor representation by
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Our skilled lawyers offer legal interpretation and advice on matters regarding intellectual property. They also investigate the originality of such work, as well help in the actual protection process.

Our pro bono lawyers also assist, in a situation where your intellectual property rights have been bridged. ISSUES ABOUT EMPLOYEE RIGHTS

Our pro bono service also aids employees whose labor and employment rights have been violated.

It quite common to see some employers misuse the rights of their workers, especially immigrants who do not speak or fully understand English. Such employees have little understanding of their contracts and do not even know the employment rights that protect them.

Our lawyers help in the interpretation of contracts, provide legal advisory, and also ensures that the wages owed the complainant is fully played.

Our pro bono service covers several aspects of the law. All you have to do is state your cause, and after adequate review, you will be matched with the right professional for the help you
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