The Pros And Cons Of Prostitution

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Prostitution is a controversial topic many people like to give their arguments and opinions about without looking deeper into it than just the surface. It is easy to give an opinion or stance on a topic without looking at both sides of the argument, the pros and cons, and many more ideal inputs that would strengthen the stance or opinion. The topic at hand in this paper is whether there is a moral difference between female and male prostitution. That saying, is it both morally wrong or both, morally right? Is one morally wrong and the other, morally right? What is the moral permissibility and impermissibility of prostitution? I will be assuming everyone involved is at least 18 years old, and it is not a form of slavery. I believe there is no difference between male and female prostitution regarding if it is morally right or wrong. I believe prostitution is morally right. I will explain why I believe prostitution is morally right by looking at why there could be a difference between male and female prostitution, looking at the other stance’s point of view, then defending my position. Many people like to believe they are feminist in all aspects. These people are called minimal feminists which is the belief that men and women are equal as persons. If I were to ask women if they would do the “manly” tasks such as holding doors, asking women out on dates, paying for dinner, most of them would say no, but at the same time claim they are feminists. Those statements are
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