The Pros And Cons Of Prostitution

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I believe that prostitution should not be legalized because it gives men power to dehumanize women, it can be dangerous to the prostitute and the one using the prostitute, and it hurts people financially. Prostitution is the practice or occupation of engaging in sexual activity with someone for payment. Prostitution gives men the power to remove women’s humanity. By doing so the women are turned into the men living. It removes the qualities of individuality from them and then she becomes sexualized body parts. Prostitutes have said that prostitution is like “paid rape” and “voluntary slavery”. Prostitution is also sexual harassment, sexual exploitation, and often a lot worse then those. It can lead to what we know as sexual violence, domestic violence, and even rape. A study in Dutch revealed that 60% of women in the legal prostitution business were physically assaulted, 70% of then were threatened with physical assault, 40% experienced sexual violence and 40% had been coerced into the legal prostitution business. 68% of women, men and transgender people in 9 different countries had post-traumatic stress disorder. Those numbers include the battered or raped women seeking help, and survivors of state sponsored torture. In 5 other countries the consequences of prostitution were similar whether it was legal, tolerated, or even illegal. People believe that if legalized the prostitutes will somehow be better protected, in some cases like in legal Amsterdam’s brothels, they have 3 panic buttons in each room because legal johns are not nice guys and they aren’t looking for a normal date. They are regularly trying to rape and strangle the women. Prostitution raises the risk of getting sick or even worse sexual transmitted diseases. It goes both for the prostitute and the one that bought the prostitute for the time being. The guy/girl could have a disease and without telling the other it’s being spread to the other. In worst case scenario it could be passed from on person to his/her loved one. With 34 prostitutes examined in the Las Vegas area were found to be infected. 57% of prostitutes in Newark, Jersey City and Paterson, New Jersey were found to virus carrier based on blood tests for AIDs virus antibodies. Many

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