The Pros And Cons Of Providing The Holy Spirit

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In the New Testament, receiving the Holy Spirit does not take place in a cookie cutter method, or a method reducible to a bullet point outline. Each account of receiving the Holy Spirit varies slightly. This does not imply that receiving the gift of the Holy Spirit contains inconsistencies, instead it is an experience that takes a certain form based on the circumstances of the individual or group that receives the Spirit. While this paper will attempt to put several accounts of receiving the Holy Spirit in the New Testament into two broad categories, it should be noted that giving specific definitions of how receiving the Holy Spirit works would not do the topic justice. The Holy Spirit, and the receiving of the Holy Spirit, appears differently in each situation researched for this paper, leading to the conclusion that receiving the Holy Spirit does not take place in a systematic way, but rather in a way that leaves…show more content…
One example of this occurs in Acts 8:14-17. In this passage, Philip proclaims Christ in Samaria and baptizes the Samaritans. When the Apostle Peter heard of this he went to Samaria and prayed for and laid hands on the Samaritans that they might receive the Holy Spirit. In this account, it appears the Holy Spirit is received through an action of man. Although the Spirit remains a gift from God, it seems as though God gifted it in response to man’s actions. The conversion of Paul in Acts 9 falls under this category as well, for Paul received the Holy Spirit through Ananias laying hands on Paul and praying for him. Another example of this type of receiving the Holy Spirit takes place in Acts 19:4-7. In this text, 12 men receive the Holy Spirit through baptism in the name of Jesus and the laying on of hands. Once again showing that the Spirit was given as a result of man fulfilling God’s
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