The Pros And Cons Of Public Vs. Private In Public Schools

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The topic of what kind of school to send children to has and will be a huge topic in the United States. The debate about Public versus Private has been a debate for a long time, because of varying experiences and statistics. Most parents of young children debate about whether they should send their child to a public or private institution, because they are not sure which one provides a better education. (Strauss, 2013) Two articles have opposing views, but with excellent points on both sides. The first article is pro-private school, and it is called “Why I’m a Public-School-Teacher but a Private-School Parent,” published by Valerie Strauss. The second article is titled “Are Private Schools Better than Public Schools? New Book says ‘No,'” published by Michael Godsey. Beginning with “Why I’m a Public-School-Teacher but a Private-School Parent,” there are many points throughout this article that shows that Strauss and the authors of the book, Christopher Lubienski, and Sarah Theule Lubienski, are all credible. The ethos can be seen starting with Valerie Strauss who is the author of the article, her primary source of credibility is coming from the Washington Post itself, the Washington Post is a well-known Newspaper. Along with this, she seems very confident in her ability to summarize and analyze the book. Christopher Lubienski and Sarah Theule Lubienski are both professors at well-known universities (Strauss, 2013, p. 1). Being a professor at a University helps with
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