The Pros And Cons Of Qatar-Gulf Crisis

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Surprisingly, oil traders have changed their behavior in the Q2 this year. However, professionals were not taken by surprise. The OPEC and Saudis new investment fund have been sending signals to keep our eyes opened. Three stories

Qatar-Gulf crisis, the third one since 2000.
The atmosphere of the collaboration and mutual efforts of OPEC and its allies to reach “a healthy market” till 2020 was gone with the wind from Doha. The same Doha, the Qatari capital, hosted the OPEC meeting on April 17. Also Russians participated in the debates regarding cut-off. However, this meeting disappointed the markets, since the output deal fails by reason of the disagreement between Saudis and Iranians. Meanwhile, Qataris showed hospitality and loyalty to the
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Doha gave the cause for the accusing by paying more than $900 million for returning hostages from Southern Iraq and providing a corridor for humanitarian aids and safe evacuation of Syrian civilians. Riyadh and Abu-Dhabi were distressed by the sum. Saudis consider Qatar as a satellite compelling Qatar not to act by its own. Nevertheless, since 2000 Riyadh had removed the ambassador from Doha twice, the current crisis is the third one. This crisis has blossomed thanks to the Trump’s blessing; the U.S. president has criticized Iran and the partnership with Ayatollahs in his speech while participating in the Riyadh summit this May. So here we are: the richest country per capita is passing through Anti-Qatar sanctions; however, Qatar National Bank has seen no significant outflow of deposits, according to…show more content…
Since the previous spring Riyadh has been looking for the safe, secure and profitable investments in Asia and Silicon Valley. Trump’s Administration welcomed the Saudis money in the USA, and oil princes feel better with the president Trump than with Barak Obama who is blamed for the deal with Iran, the enemy of the kingdom. Thus, this May the kingdom’s sovereign wealth fund agreed to collaborate with Blackstone Group LP from New York City. The group purchased BioMed Reality Trust Inc, several real estate investment companies, stakes of Hilton Worldwide, Biomet, Versace etc., etc. This summer Blackstone Group LP got started taking care of $20 billion from Saudi Arabia. The next step will be an agreement between the U.S. and Saudi Defense Ministry for a package of about $110 billion. The new program of cooperation attracts $380 billion of the Saudis
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