The Pros And Cons Of Qualitative Research

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Qualitative research is the most essential aspect in the pharmaceutical industry. This research technique provides researchers such valuable information to analyze and making some conclusions about those information that they have collected. Equally, qualitative research focuses on the insights of participants about their interactions, feelings, and thoughts about the product, or service that the researcher intends to implement during the experiment. Data collection, extraction, and analysis are the most useful information to support the researcher gathers data to make sound judgements on the outcomes. Several advantages of e-questionnaires include numerous participants, diversify groups of participants, rapid response, and much less expensive that compared to paper questionnaires (Hunter, 2012). For instance, researchers can collect many surveys by distributing links to targeted groups, and offering them some intensive rewards (Hunter, 2012). Like using links, banners support researchers to obtain surveys from participants in different regions. These advantages of e-questionnaires enable researchers to analyze and getting an effective outcome of the data collections. Consequences, there are several disadvantages of e-questionnaires, which causes many negative factors to the outcomes of da collections. Repeated respondents cause e-questionnaires to become an irrelevant outcome, which create the wrongful data collection to researchers (Hunter, 2012). The difference
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