The Pros And Cons Of Racial Discrimination

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United States Senator Jeff Sessions once said, “empathy for one party is always prejudice against another” (Norton). Essentially what Sessions is trying to say is “more for them means less for me”. This belief is an example of viewing race as a zero-sum game: in response to one race progressing another must regress. White’s belief about the rising predominance of anti-white bias reflects a view of racism as a zero-sum game. Due to viewing all other groups as racial threats, White people will directly or indirectly prevent the progression of racial equality in order to remain in power.
Since Obama’s election, there has been a new race-related controversy gaining advancement: an increasing belief in anti-White prejudice. This emerging belief reflects their view of racism as a zero-sum game. That zero-sum game, assumes that there is no gain without loss or progress without regression. White people see progression in racial equality as threatening their dominant position. They believe that the improvement of the welfare of minority groups will come at their expense. Every time there is a major social gain for black people, we see monuments being constructed as backlash from being threatened by social gains. The perception that Whites have now replaced Blacks as victims of discrimination can be proven wrong by statistics concerning education, employment, wealth, and police treatment (Norton). Psychologists Michael Norton and Samuel Sommers found that whites see anti-white bias
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