The Pros And Cons Of Radio Is A Sleeping Giant

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Radio Is A Sleeping Giant
If success has many fathers, then radio is one of the greatest successes. Perhaps one simple way to sort out this parentage is to place those who have been credited for “fathering” radio into groups.
Beholding the unmatchable technology of transmitting & receiving electric waves wirelessly by Hertz during late 1880’s, today is recognized as the fundamental building block of radio.
There are hundreds, if not thousands, of uses of radio spectrum & technology. Everything from baby monitoring & broadcasting to radar & radio beacons are applications of radio. Albert Einstein, when asked in 1938, to explain radio, is widely reported to have said:
“You see, wire telegraph is a kind of a very, very long cat.
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With the time competition rises in market. Television, not directly but indirectly act as a villain & is the biggest obstacle in dominating radio through it’s audio – visual appeal. Lack of visual appeal and the stress to visualize pictures is a major drawback in the success of radio. So, to sustain in this globalized world, radio has to fight hard enough with creativity & innovation as it’s major tools.
World airwaves are abuzz. Nations are abundant with numerous radio stations & radio channels. And the continuous add on leaves target audience in the state of dilemma to stick with one. This ultimately leads to drop of rating points. As options multiplied, listeners had no loyalty. With five choices from day one, there will be very little loyalty. Whosoever is able to offer great entertainment at the given day apart, the audience will be with him.
The other innovating point could be the big breakthroughs that does’nt come from snatching shares from other programs but by creating fresh audiences. So, everybody cannot remain a music station. They’ll have to innovate. A big breakthrough may come from the non-music format where target has a strong personality

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