The Pros And Cons Of Same Sex Marriage

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“Within a year, the percentages of cohabiting same-sex couples who were married increased to nearly half - 49 percent - from 38 percent a year earlier” (Jost, 2017). Even though there has been an increase in gay marriages, being a part of the L.G.B.T. community is still looked down upon almost all over the world. Everyday someone who is gay treated unfairly, and there are no laws to prevent it. There may be laws in place to prevent the discrimination of an individual, however they usually do not protect gay people from being treated unjustifiably. Many people are denied jobs solely for the reason of loving someone of the same sex. “In 28 states it’s perfectly legal to terminate an employee because you don’t like the gender of the person he or she is in love with” (Boylan, 2017). The results of this may leave many citizens without a source of income to support themselves or their families. A woman was even fired from her job as a college instructor because she had been seen kissing her girlfriend goodbye. “Former Indiana community college instructor who claimed she wa denied promotion over a five-year period and eventually let go” (Jost, 2017). Although she had been working at the college for a continuous five years, she was always denied a promotion and then was eventually fired because the school did not like the fact that she was dating another woman. Her complaint to the school was even ignored, and the school had claimed it did not discriminate against her in any way.
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