The Pros And Cons Of School Uniforms

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Though the simplicity of school uniforms limit self-expression, they increase the overall quality of a student’s education. More schools, both public and private, are adopting uniforms in order to reduce crime and decrease the amount of distractions in the learning environment. Uniforms can oftentimes be costly and eliminate the amount of leeway students have when it comes to personalizing their appearance. However, uniforms better the school experience for a majority of students who wear them. Over the years, clothing with ties to gangs have become more prevalent in schools. Students can indicate their affiliation by simply wearing a certain color. This makes rival gang members much easier to pick out, and therefore much easier to target and fight on school grounds. Because schools cannot and will not ban an entire color, nothing is stopping their students from continuing to showcase their loyalty to their group and physically assaulting enemies. Uniforms have proven to be an effective solution to this problem. A case study in Long Island, California exhibited how not just schools, but the community as a whole benefited from the decision to require students to wear uniforms. The crime rate dropped by 91 percent, school suspensions dropped by 90 percent, and incidents of vandalism were reduced by 69 percent (Public School). Though the study took place in 1995, schools continue to find that uniforms contribute to a safer environment. An increase of schools, from 11.8% in 2000 to 20.4% in 2014, adopted uniforms for safety purposes (Digest). Although it is important to follow school dress codes for various purposes, the policies bring a bad along with their good intentions when being enforced. When teachers or administrators have to cut into class time to call out a pupil for wearing an illegal article of clothing, it takes away from the time allotted for the lesson. That individual loses even more valuable learning time if they are asked to go change or call home for a new set of clothes. Tom Robertson, Lewis and Clark Middle School’s Vice Principal, said it is common for children to have to spend part of their school day in his office because of dress code violations. “They have to wait in the office until

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