The Pros And Cons Of School Uniforms

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The opposing side argues that school uniforms should not be legalized in public school because there are no ways to express the inner being of one's true self. The major factors sur-rounding the oppositions’ stance are not affordable, the students losing confidence, and it cannot be proven on academic achievements. The struggle in families is mainly about not having enough money. Many of the families do not come from a rich-family-background. In Highland-Gaffe's Falls Elementary School, NH, principal James Paul wanted to conduct an experiment on having mandatory uniforms. Seven out of four hundred and fifty-four parents refuse. "Those sev-en children never wore uniforms, which, from my point-of-view, kind of derailing us" (S4). The reason for those parents to reject the mandatory uniforms are unknown, however, the board soon rejected the proposition. Another reason why the opposing side does not agree is because of the students' feelings. No child had a saying in this matter because all the grown-ups were thinking what is the best for their school instead of the children that makes up the school. A seventh grad-er named Aaron Morton said, "Uniforms are uncomfortable. They make you feel all stiff like ro-bots or something" (Viadero4)(S4)" Another seventh grader, Alexis Richardson also said," Peo-ple can't be who they are if they have to wear the same thing every day" (Viadero4)(S4). These two precious, little kids believe in what they believe. Uniforms shouldn't be
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