The Pros And Cons Of School Uniforms

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School uniforms have both negative and positive feedback. Some view it as promoting conformity, or taking away a student’s individuality. It is always a fear to both parents and students to have the liberties promised to them striped away just because of their age or for the sake of being educated. This is why many families took these cases to court on the behalf of the minor in their custody. Others tend to view it as a way to make things better for students. They want to enforce that equality but at the same time embrace differences. They want uniforms to decrease judgment and discrimination among students. They want student to behave according to societies standards. They don’t want any malice or jealousy due to a few differences. They want the uniform to keep things orderly.
“The School Board’s purpose for enacting the uniform policy is to increase test scores and reduce disciplinary problems throughout the school system,” the appeals court wrote in Canady. “This purpose is in no way related to the suppression of student speech.” (findlaw/us 5th circuit) The school system won and it was decide that the uniform policy was not a violation of the student’s first or fourteenth amendment rights. Also it was brought up that the uniforms actually help with behavior and test scores.
Uniforms are becoming increasingly more popular in the states due to that specific reason. Uniforms which were 1st seen in private schools here in the US have public schools readily following the trend. The dress codes now enforced by majority schools believe it restricts students use of clothing as an element of contemporary communicative intake. It is therefore used as a precaution to keep gang violence,and crime rate down.
The implementation of uniforms was to increase student success, and deter bad behavior. Their has yet to be a link that suggest a substantial connection between the school uniform policies and student achievement. The results do not particularly deny or back either side of the uniform argument. The results do nonetheless strongly intimate that uniforms are not the solution to all of American education’s ills. Though this was the initial reason to have students switch to uniforms there is

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