The Pros And Cons Of School Uniforms

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There has been a debate over whether there should be school uniforms throughout the nation. School uniforms should be utilized throughout the states in order to provide a better education, decrease peer pressure, and save a significant amount of money. Wearing school uniforms helps people be more focused on education rather than stressing out about what clothes to wear on the following day. If every student wears the same type of outfit then there should be no arguments about who has the most fashionable outfit; this would decrease the amount of peer pressure. Every year parents and guardians struggle to make enough money to buy their children the outfits that they desire to wear throughout the school year, some spend their money more on clothes than supplies. School uniforms would help them spend less money on outfits and save their money for the future. Overall school uniforms helps the development of our future generations to be prepared to lead the nation into a better state level. Wearing school uniforms promotes the increase in a better focus on education and better look at our future generations. Trapp states that “school uniforms help create a sense of community, thus promoting discipline and helping raise academic standards. This is why educators frequently adopt them when trying to revive failing schools”. This makes the school decrease the amount of peer pressure,makes the school seem like a whole community. School uniforms give a higher chance of getting them prepared for dressing up as they search for their future career. The principals explains that the dress code is the part of a new effort at the schools to prepare students for their futures as professionals; dressing for success will help them be successful(Bily 56). If students become comfortable wear school uniforms, they will get used to dressing up for special occasions. Chandler indicates that “As uniforms spread, researchers and educators cited a much wider array of benefits, including improved school culture, academic performance and attendance rates”. Spending time on looking for what type of clothing to wear for school takes valuable time away, making the students late for school. But with the help of school uniforms

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