The Pros And Cons Of School Uniforms

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According to Statistic Brain, twenty-three percent of the United States have the school uniform policy (research conducted in 2017). This means that one-fifth of the country’s students who are in school are not allowed to wear their own clothes. The statistics indicate that a majority of the United States disapprove of school uniforms since the percentage remains low. The topic about school uniforms has created two sides of the issue. Some believe that students should wear school uniforms to provide an equal learning environment. Those who oppose school uniforms believe that they do not give students the ability to feel safe in their own clothes and the right of self-expression. This topic has been a controversial debate and continues to…show more content…
Without the school uniform policy, students are able to express their own style of clothes and personality. A student’s choice of clothes is a learning material in life because it shows students the reflection of themselves. Schools who enforce the uniform policy also prohibits a student’s right to practice religion. For example, a high school in the state of Pennsylvania banned religious clothing due to their school uniform policy (Newrorn 172). A research conducted by Brooke Newrorn who is a member of Pennsylvania Bars stated, “Jacobs v. Clark County School District that a high school's mandatory dress code did not infringe the Free Exercise Clause of the First Amendment of the United States Constitution, even though a by-product of said dress code was the prohibition of students wearing religious garb” (Pennsylvania Bar Association quarterly 172). This means that the school uniform policy does not guarantee a student’s ability to express themselves, even in a religious matter. Furthermore, the main focus of schools is altered when school uniforms are enforced. Instead of focusing more on the education of students, most schools tend to make dress code policies as the main focus. Schools who favor the school uniform policy believe that it will improve academic achievement. However, there is not much research and evidence that proves their belief as a fact. One research that was proven to show

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