The Pros And Cons Of School Uniforms

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Individuality is what makes a student unique, but with the introduction of school uniforms, they create militaristic ideals damaging the student’s environment instead of promoting diversity. Some argue that school uniforms are beneficial to students and education, but a plethora of research shows that there are more negatives than positives. Among those are the lack of self expression in schools, the cost involved in having uniforms, the violation of rights and time consumption, and how there is no academic gain correlated to uniforms. Middle school and high school students are developing teenagers beginning to find themselves as unique individuals. School uniforms rob students of the opportunity to self express. One article by Address More(2017), states that "uniforms are often criticised for promoting the uniformity that characterises militarism. Of superiority and dominating masculinity". Self expression is crucially important to the character development of students. Since school uniforms are compared to resembling militarism, it is clear that these ideals are detrimental to the development of creativity in teenagers. Though the idea of students choosing their own clothes may seem to have miniscule effects on teenagers’ self development, it is one of the only ways students have the opportunity to identify themselves as unique individuals. Forest (2007) presents the very widespread student opposal to uniforms when he states, "Nearly two-thirds of the 1,183 students at Gildersleeve oppose uniforms. To them, uniforms represent an attack on their creativity and their ability to express themselves as individuals". School uniforms take away students’ access to everyday creativity through their wardrobe. Not only do school uniforms demote self expression, prices to buy these uniforms are increasingly high. Not only do school uniforms restrict self expression, but they also tend to put a strain on low-income families because most schools do not provide the students with the necessary attire. According to School uniforms: Awesome-or awful?, Tarshis states, “some experts believe uniforms have drawbacks. Schools often require families to buy the uniforms, which can be expensive.” A rebuttal for this would be

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