The Pros And Cons Of School Uniforms

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In 1987, a public school in Baltimore, Maryland became the first to instill a school uniform policy in the United States. This idea of all students dressing alike spread throughout the country, and by 1994 a school district in Long Beach, CA became the first to require a whole school district to wear school uniforms (Background of the Issue - School Uniforms - Today, an average of 23% of public and private schools enforce a school uniform system (School Uniform Statistics). But this change in dress code policy did not come about without controversy. Although some will argue uniforms promote safety, focus, and an even playing field in schools, school uniform policies oppress student’s freedom of expression, advocate for conformity, and cause more problems than they fix. Certainly, uniforms have benefits in school systems. For one, they can substantially prevent crime or violence. Uniforms replace baggy clothing that could more easily conceal weapons students may bring into school. If everyone dressed relatively the same, it would also help pinpoint if an intruder entered the school who could pose a threat to the students. Secondly, uniforms turn the focus from the clothing to the education. Instead of worrying about wearing the right outfits and fitting in, students can turn their attention and energy to their schoolwork. Lastly, school uniforms create an even playing field for students, intending to prevent bullying and even strengthen a sense of school

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