The Pros And Cons Of Screen Technology

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The world in continuous evolution and development, which has no limitations. As a result, screen technology came in present. Like any human’s product, screen technology has it’s potential risky or beneficial impact on humans and their cognitive ability. Therefore, scientist have been studied it for years to find it’s actual impact. The researches on this subject shows different results. However, the results can be classified in two major groups. The first group state that screen technology in general has a positive impact on people and their cognitive development. For example, the neurologist Adam Gazzaley (cited in Abbot 2013) discovered that screen technology can improve people’s capacity to multitask, also it can enhance people’s cognitive skills such as focusing, task switching and memorizing. In addition, video games which considered under screen technology can help in mental development, due to the requirement of the continuous attention and focusing while playing…show more content…
The marked improvement in participants of Gazzaley’s experiment proved the theory, and give it more strength. Whereas the oppose position which says screen technology has negative impact, has no practical evidence shows the negative effect in reality. When evaluating the oppose position, it is worth to take into consideration Goldacre’s (2011) article with the title: “Why won’t Professor Susan Greenfield publish this theory in a scientific journal?”. Greenfield’s hypothesis was not presented in scientific way, and lack from evidence, precision and transparency (Goldacre 2011). In addition, Levy (2012) stated that age factor can play a major role in accepting or declining new technology. Compared to Greenfield, young people are more familiar with new technology. On balance, generally, screen technology has proved positive effect in brain and cognitive ability whereas it’s negative effect needs more
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