The Pros And Cons Of Self Driving Jobs

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Although in some respects self-driving cars would cause an increase in unemployment but generally where jobs are lots, even more are created. The software for autonomous cars has to be very complex to allow it to navigate the roads while at the same time remaining safe for the driver, other motorists and pedestrians. This means many new jobs will be created within the software development market. On top of this there is much competition for the race to build autonomous cars, over 33 corporations are pushing to create a safe and functional autonomous vehicle, some of these companies include: Google, Tesla, Apple, Audi, Bosch and General Motors. This healthy competition between companies is good for both employees as the companies will be putting a lot of resources into building self-driving cars. Overall the development of self-driving cars does create many jobs in all…show more content…
Jobs are both created within the production and design of self-driving cars and jobs are lost where self-driving cars replace the need for other forms of transport. In the long run, self-driving cars will outweigh the negatives of that they cause on unemployment and the economy. Self-driving cars have already created many high skilled jobs both designing the hardware and the software that the cars are dependent on. With the competition between every big car manufacture and tech giants to develop self-driving cars there are many more jobs being created that need to be filled. Self-driving cars will help reduce congestion on motorways while help people in cities find parking and travel more easily around cities. Although it can be argued that jobs will be lost such as taxi drivers, truck drivers or bus drivers, autonomous cars are at least 3 years away from release if not longer, this gives for the economy to adapt and change to reduce the impact but to also develop the increasing range of benefits that self-driving cars
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