The Pros And Cons Of Slavery After The Civil War

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After the Civil War, four million slaves were set free. However, they still faced the same problems as when they were enslaved. Many freedmen couldn’t get a job, find education, or even go to same the church as whites. The Congress tried to help the freedmen by placing programs that would help get them back on their feet, but there just wasn’t enough for all four million of them. Slaves and their families were ecstatic after the war, they could finally reconnect with their family. But finding a job to provide for the family was very difficult. Former slaves didn’t have any work experience except for farming and on top of that there was very few jobs available to them as everybody was looking for work. They also didn’t have any savings in their bank account because they were slaves, so they couldn’t start their own business if they wanted to. Nor did they have anything to sell or trade in for food or shelter. Congress did step in and helped out as much as they could for the freedmen. Congress was able to launch a program called the Freedmen’s Bureau. This was a program devoted to helping out the former slaves. It distributes food, water, and lands to the freedmen. But as much as the Congress’s efforts to kick start the lives of these former slaves, there still wasn’t enough funds and supplies for everybody, so a majority of the slaves didn’t even see these benefits. Many of the whites were shocked at the efforts from Congress trying to help the former slaves. Former owners
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