The Pros And Cons Of Sleep Paralysis

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Turn Sleep Paralysis and False Awakenings into Lucid a Dream
Do you get sleep paralysis and false awakenings frequently? If yes then by reading this post you will learn some working methods that can turn both of these troublesome experiences into a lucid dream.
Usually, people are afraid of sleep paralysis but for me it is false awakening loop that makes life difficult because I have had them for months and sometimes consistently for more than a week.
Sleep paralysis on the other hand is something which is not as scary for me as it is for people since I learned to escape them very early.
The good news is that you convert these two lucid dreaming problems into an opportunity to have a lucid dream and that’s what we are now going to talk about.
Sleep paralysis and false awakenings both are dreams in real
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Sometimes in the new dream you will hear your mind saying “I am dreaming and you will get lucid and at other times you will become conscious in the new dream since you were trying to be as aware as possible when sleep paralysis was getting dissolved.

Entering Into a Lucid Dream from False Awakening
It may appear very real or you might not be conscious enough to know that you have not actually woke up and that’s why it keeps happening to you especially before some important events because your mind is often actively thinking about the future event that it emulates that in dream quite nicely.
False awakening is a dream anyway so all you have to do is to practice questioning reality enough that you will more easily detect dreams.
Once you know that it is a dream, man you have a lucid dream!
So, all we have to do is to increase our awareness using various reality checks which you must perform with a genuine curiosity every time after waking up and they are as follows:-
1-Look at Your
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