The Pros And Cons Of Small Business Social Media

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Small business social media starts with making the decision to be part of the conversation. Not as easy or cut and dried a decision as one may think. What are the factors involved in this process? The pros and cons? Pros: Potential to raise my website page rank Potential to find new customers or clients Potential to make new business connections Potential to reach my current customer base with new products or services Potential to get customers talking about me or my company Potential to find out what you are not offering to your customers that they want Potential to have your own PR department consisting of your customers Potential to get great reviews from happy customers Potential to feel important because you have 15 followers! (Joking) Cons: Time consuming Energy consuming Resource consuming Costly Don't know what to say Don't know where to start Don't have any customers or clients to help you get started The current trend in search engines is to use tweets and status updates, shares and reviews about you or your website as a piece of how they rank your site. So for no other reason, because of this you need to have at least a minimal social media presence. Facebook…show more content…
Who will spend 15 minutes every day to either tweet something on Twitter, or retweet something, post a status update on Facebook or check the insights and activity. It doesn't have to be you, the business owner. I recommend to my clients that they have someone else do the basics and leave the relationship building to themselves. Once you have established who, decide when. Facebook marketers are notorious for posting multiple times a day and losing their audience. Twitter feeds can and often are more than once a day without being annoying, while Linked In may be once a week or even every two weeks. Here is how we set up our
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