The Pros And Cons Of Smoking Ban

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Should smoking bans be a law in every public place worldwide? Would you like to go out to eat with a friend and have the person right at another table smoke near you? I think not, I wouldn’t like it at all. They’re not only harming themselves, but everyone nearby. How much knowledge does this person have on the smoke they are inhaling? Everyone is at risk, adults, children, and even pets. Second-hand smoke can be prevented. Why allow this to happen in our world, if you want to smoke do it on your own time away from others who do not wish to inhale your smoke.
Smoking bans are laws and or policies that prevent people from smoking in workplaces, restaurants, coffee shops, and other kinds of public place. Legislation may also define smoking bans as more generally being the carrying or possessing of any lit tobacco product. In 1575 the first smoking ban took place in Roman Catholic Church in Mexico forbidding people from smoking tobacco products while they’re attending church. Some countries have put a complete ban on tobacco. For example, Bhutan, forbids people to grow, harvest, produce, and sell tobacco as well as tobacco products. Smoking bans have a high pro on our community. They help protect the health of people, smoking bans ensure that smoking in public place will prevent non-smokers to come in contact with second-hand smoke. They help lower healthcare cost, they reduce chances of becoming ill or ending up in the hospital. It helps people save money because of how
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