The Pros And Cons Of Social Media

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Pros And Cons of Social Media
Using social media can make you to gathering informatiopn from anywhere with easily you can find information about political, social, culture about some country is like to find your favorite clothes in you wardobe. Because every website news is always give the reader most to updating news from around the world.
Social media can make teenager being a Social Anxiety Disorder (SAD). Teenager is always feels that our handphone is ringing, but the actually is note. Or someone with this problem is always worried about when they followers is leaving them, because they worried about the bad comments thing about them. So if you friend or even you have this sign, maybe you have Social Anxiety Disorder.
Teenager that using social media is also can have a Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OSD). This syndrom usually have a sign that the victim is always depending into smartphone when the victims lost his smartphone, they can be out of control and going to act crazy. Because the victims thinks that his world only in social media. Without it, they think that they world is useless.
Social media can make teenagers to talk to much, but less action. This thing can you all see in every posting in social media. Teenagers feels he always do the action, but the real is that he just talk to much. The example is when someone is talk about the problem of floods, he saying that floods can be stopped if we start to protect the rider from trash. But the fact is that this person is just saying to much but he is doesn’t do the action. social media is also can make teenagers is getting more lazy. Because social media have a fun thing that can make teenagers is feels more comfortable and when the teenagers want to do another thing, they getting lazy and then he doesn't do the thing. And that is always happening again, because the teenagers right now added social media as most important part in their life. so this addiction condition can getting worse if the teenagers don't concious and control his addiction to social media.

social media is also can make teenagers can be a victims from cyber crime, or even can be suspect of cryber crime. This thing can happened because social media is a huge world that everyone

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