The Pros And Cons Of Social Media

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In today’s world, the spread of fake news on the Internet, specifically Facebook, Google, and Twitter, is a reoccurring issue that people are struggling to put an end to. It is questionable whether social media is deliberately posting false information, which is what a majority of people believe. In contrast, some are under the impression that is it not social media itself, but the people using it who are spreading false stories: more specifically, Jennifer Forestal, Menaka Philips, and S. Shyam Sundar. Forestal, an assistant professor of political science at Stockton University, and Philips, a professor of practice in political science at Tulane University, address this issue in their article from the Washington Post, “People Blame Facebook for Fake News and Partisan Bile. They’re Wrong.” They specifically discuss how invalid news has been an issue ever since technology enhanced communication, but that social media only makes the spread of it quicker and more noticeable. Forestal and Philips’ article focuses primarily on how social media does not help stop fake news, but it is not the cause (Forestal and Philips 1). On the other hand, Sundar, who testifies as a technology major, has much more reasonable arguments in his academic article “Social Media Users Must Start Checking Online News Sources,” stating that fake reports will continue to be an issue until news sources gain back their credibility and media users begin to strictly check their sources (Sundar 1). Although
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