The Pros And Cons Of Social Media

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Social Media is one of the most commonly used things in today’s society. From Facebook, to Twitter, to Youtube, it is where we get or information, form opinions, and connect with others. Social Media has its pros and cons, but it is changing politics in a negative way. This is shown through the aggressiveness of both the left and right, the untrustworthy info being tossed around, and the unprofessionalism of politicians. On the other hand, social media promotes youth participation in politics allows everyone to have a voice, and keeps us up to date. Through the use of Twitter, important political debate or conversation is washed out with rants and fake bot accounts. As said by the NPR article Did Social Media Ruin Election 2016?, “Twitter is a messaging service allowing users (who can remain anonymous) to tweet out information….that DNA makes Twitter antithetical to sophisticated, thoughtful political conversation.” We cannot look at Twitter and say it is a viable source of professional communication, especially because it is more for those who want to secretly bash a certain side or spread hateful rhetoric without consequence. Facebook is the same but worse, because not only is it filled with people who judge you for your political stance, but it’s also a place of fake news. Statements such as “Facebook has been increasingly accused of becoming a hotbed of fake political news” and “At its core, it's a platform meant to connect users with people they already like,
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