The Pros And Cons Of Social Media And Body Image

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Only 9% of women are confident with their body image. Body image has its pros and cons, it is a very controversial topic. Also, everyone has a different perspective about body image, all based on experience. Young girls are more scared of becoming fat than losing a parent, which shouldn’t be true. After all, social media affects the way we see body image, good and bad. Either, raising or even lowering self esteem and confidence on body image. Body image is controversial because it has pros and cons. To begin, body image is affected by social media. When men and women see ads and magazines with people with perfect bodies that are impossible to get, it lowers self esteem about their body image. In addition, these images are mostly photoshopped also. Patrick Kelleher, from the article “No body is perfect: is it possible to be happy with our bodies when we are constantly being bombarded with images of perfection?” explains “The images we see get stuck in our head, it makes everyone think they need to look like that.” (Kelleher). The text says that social media makes it impossible to feel good about are bodies. In fact, the images we see are photoshopped, but no one knows that. Women and men get distracted from these pictures and makes them obsessed with trying to look like that. This can also lead to eating disorders and anxiety. People get affected by social media when images get stuck in our heads. What social media doesn't show is imperfect bodies. In

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