The Pros And Cons Of Social Media

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Personas, social media, reality―it seems that the more we innovate contemporary technology, the further we diverge our two lives or personalities: “fantasy” and reality. It appears to be that since the technology have come into existence and evolved tenfold, we have maximized our control over how we portray ourselves, however, in a different world. For instance, deciding what to post on our social media or possessing the freedom of time to contemplate our actions over the Internet is the definition of control we have on the social media. On the contrary, we do not have the same amount of leverage to influence how others view us in reality. Therefore, when lingering about on the social media, we develop a desirable personality of oneself, also known as a persona. In my case, I find myself guilty of utilizing social media applications to present myself as “perfect” to others when in reality I am not. For instance, most people, including myself, post only positive memories and events to their social media profiles. Specifically, positive posts or memories are of those that include personal achievements or are associated with happiness and laughter. For instance, in a video titled How to Be More Addicted to Your Phone by J.P. Sears, an individual says “when you’re encountering something wonderful, it can’t bring you joy unless you hold your phone between you and it to transfer it to your social media” (2:19-2:36). As can be seen, the statement made by this individual portrays

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