The Pros And Cons Of Solar And Wind Energy

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Imagine a world where fossil fuels have been used up are the world has no replacement. Now imagine a world where the fossil fuels still exist and we use a different source for our energy. These two worlds contrast significantly from each other but both have the potential to become reality. The use of solar and wind energy or the continued use of coal will determine the future. Solar and wind energy has many positive effects such as efficiency, global and health benefits, cost benefits in the long run, and how long resources will last. The main source of energy in the world today is obtained by burning fossil fuels. Fossil fuels include coal, gas, and oil. All of these fossil fuels have benefits and externalities. Coal, when burned, provides a stable source of energy. Coal can renew itself over time; however, we burn the coal faster than it can renew itself. On a day to day basis, coal costs the least (10 reasons why). Oil is known as the cleanest of the fossil fuels. However, this is where the benefits end. The burning of coal produces hurtful amounts of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Carbon dioxide from burning coal is one of the leading causes for global warming (Cleetus). Burning coal also leads to acid rain and respiratory diseases due to carbon in the atmosphere. On a day to day basis burning coal costs less but is far less efficient than solar and wind energy. Only 35% of energy from burning coal is actually used. 40% of the energy gets used up in production and
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