The Pros And Cons Of Spanking

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The diversity in ethnicities and cultures throughout the world is extreme. These cultures come with different visions in disciplinary action whether it seems logical or not in other points of views. The world has different perspectives and different people to back up their reasons behind the actions taken. The main controversy that has been taken on for years in several parts of the world is the debate of whether or not spanking, as a disciplinary action for children when they are misbehaving. As expressed in these three articles: “Today’s Child Abuse Creates Tomorrow’s Criminals” by Chandre Gould, “The Overwhelming Evidence Against Spanking” by Meghan Leahy, and “Disciplinary Spanking is Not Child Abuse” by Okey, Chigbo; there are severa pros and cons to an action such as spanking. This specific disciplinary action can affect the life of a human being for either a short term and long term effect. A form of respect is different in every culture, but every single one has a type of authority that is earned in one way or another. Spanking can be a form of ensuring respect to the person who is doing the action. Although, according to the article, “The Overwhelming Evidence Against Spanking” by author Meghan Leahy, she states the main effects that are being proven through several specialist. Proving her argument Leahy states, “from pediatricians to developmentalist to therapist to children specialists and beatings are now understood to be counterproductive way to help children
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