The Pros And Cons Of Standard English

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English is the language of the modern world. It is undeniable that English has become a global lingua franca and has developed throughout history. With the spread of English, it has evolved into different varieties known as ‘World Englishes’ and in turn emerged a number of attitudes to the issues of deviation from what is considered to be ‘standard’. Throughout the years there has been a great debate over the teaching of English in schools. One particular aspect of this is the argument over whether or to what extent Standard English should be used in the education of children. In this essay I will examine the understanding of Standard English and Non-standard Englishes and relate how Standard English is used in the domain education in Outer…show more content…
This may be due to the distinctiveness of an individual’s regional variety being reduced in speech and writing. Through learning Standard English, people often believe that their individuality may be gone or reduced where Bex and Watts (1999) claim that learning Standard English can lead to "devaluation of other dialects" (p. 14). Along with the negatives, there is also a wide range of beneficial aspects to be made for the inclusion of Standard English into the education system amongst schools of Outer Circle. Standard English is described by Kerswill and Culpepper (2009) as the "gold standard" in which they are referring to the other types of English that may be measured against (p. 224). Honey (1997) clarifies how Standard English "reinforces cultural, economic and social privileges" (p. 37). Kerswill and Culpeper (2009) also mention that the inclusion of Standard English allows people of "different walks of life to communicate more easily than if only regional dialects were available" (p. 224). By learning Standard English, this in turn ensures that the people of Outer Circle countries become more competent and equipped with the universal language to be flexible to function in the sphere of international

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