The Pros And Cons Of Standardized Testing

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No matter an individual’s confidence or intelligence, all tests create amounts of anxiety and stress. In most students’ or previous students’ academic careers, an exam has stressed them out. But, are these tests without any reasoning? Do these tests prove a student’s true intelligence? Are they valuable to students further into their lives? Standardized tests are a widely debated topic globally, whether or not the use is beneficial, or really useless to students. Using standardized test results to determine a student’s future may not be a comprehensive indicator of a student’s full potential for success. Standardized tests are taken by millions of students yearly. Different districts in different states may take different approaches to…show more content…
Along with that, educators are given an unbiased view of test effectiveness. Upon review of the test and scores, the effectiveness is still unable to be measured fully:
¨A test is completely reliable if you would get the exact same results the second time you administered it. All tests have `measurement error´. This means an individual's score may vary significantly due to testing conditions or the test-taker's mental or emotional state.¨ (¨What´s Wrong)
These tests are also commonly used in an attempt to display student abilities. Although two large life skills- creativity and critical thinking- are barely tested, if at all. As stated previously, large portions of these tests are multiple choice exams. Phillip Harris asserted “standardized tests inadvertently create incentives for students to become superficial thinkers—to seek the quick, easy, and obvious answer”. Which in return means that neither any critical thinking, or creating a student’s potential solution, the material can be memorized. Now, advantages of testing may be present and minimal, majority of disadvantages provide an excellent argument. Starting off, school districts spend a copious amount of money on these tests. School districts (across all fifty states), spend one billion eight-hundred million dollars yearly on testing (“Standardized”). Teachers are given material every year that they are obligated to teach to their students. Although, for
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