The Pros And Cons Of Stealing A Certified Nursing Assistant

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One year ago an unethical incident happened at the facility I was employed at. As a Certified Nursing Assistant we were permitted to distribute medications to patients/residents under the supervision of an RN and with the required training. The unethical decision was made by my coworker, who made the choice to steal an extensive amount of Vicodin and other painkillers from a residents supply. My coworker’s decision to steal a patient’s medication is unethical on various levels. The ethical issues that were in question was her choice to steal a medication, taking advantage of a geriatric patient, breaking the law, and putting other employee’s careers at risk. My impressions of this event was to always be aware of what is right and know when something is wrong. The main ethical issues in question was her act of her stealing and her dishonesty towards others. I am under the impression that stealing is wrong; I grew up knowing that it was the wrong thing to do. To me, it is an inappropriate act that is not only against the law, but it hurts those who you steal from. Stealing is unethical in many religions and it promotes evil acts. My impression of her stealing is that it is wrong since taking something from someone else is that it is selfish and is devastating others around you. My coworker stealing a patient’s medication was wrong since she was taking advantage of a feeble elder lady and taking property that was not her own. It had a negative effect, not…show more content…
Her judgement to steal a medication was not ethical since she took advantage of a geriatric patient, broke the law, and put other employee’s careers at risk. Her choice to steal medication was erroneous since others were so negatively affected by it. Finally, the lesson I learned from this experience is to always be aware of what is right and wrong so you do not negatively impact others’ lives as my ex-coworker
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