The Pros And Cons Of Student Athletes Paid

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Every year, thousands of student athletes across the world sign the NCAA’s 08-3A Form, also called the “Student-Athlete” form, which waives their right to receive money for the use of their name and image. Like many of us in this class, these college athletes devote their time to their academics while spending additional hours with training and practices throughout the day and receive no stipend in return. This 08-3A form defines college athletes as amateurs, who cannot receive payment for playing their desired sport. While their schools and coaches may make millions of dollars in salaries and endorsement deals and are the highest-paid public employees in many states due to their performances in their desired sport, these “amateurs” can never…show more content…
A fair policy is one that treats every student the same. For example, The Butler School of Music at the UT-Austin has many student musicians who perform at the professional level and advises its students on how to negotiate a contract and get paid for their performances according to the website. Another example would be actress Emma Watson, who enrolled at Brown University in Rhode Island, was able to work on the set of the Harry Potter movies while attending the school’s theatre department.Can you imagine Brown University officials telling Watson that she would have to make the next two Harry Potter films for free instead of making five million dollars that she was offered? ((Zimbalist). Compared to musicians and actors, student athletes have a greater need to obtain money while they are still in college. Their professional careers are likely to be much shorter due to the wearing and tearing of your body. Second, college may be the only time some student athletes have the chance to take advantage of their success. Student athletes often leave school with permanent injuries and no medical insurance or job prospects, whereas musicians and actors rarely suffer career-ending injuries on the job (Zimbalist). We see how musicians and actors can profit from their talents so athletes should have the same
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