The Pros And Cons Of Student Loans For College

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Imagine you are at a car dealership ready to buy your dream car. You ask the salesman how much it costs and quickly realize you might have to go without your dream car for a little longer. You also ask if you can take out a loan for it and receive a strange look from him and a giggle. “No, unfortunately not” he responses still giggling. Now imagine you are in a financial aid office at the college of your dreams. You ask the financial aid director how deep 4 years will dig into your wallet and again realize you don’t have enough money. You pop the question once more and are surprised to hear they offer loans at “very low” interest rates. They also tell you they can pay for absolutely everything including your food! These 2 scenarios are both practically the same but the outcome is different. Why is it so easy to get a loan for college but the complete opposite for everything else? Teenagers can sign off their life after college, before even going to college! Student loans should be avoided at all costs and should not be taken out by anyone. Believe it or not, college used to be free in the United States. In the 19th century this was a normal thing, colleges did not want to pass on the cost of teaching students to the students. They did this because students were giving back to the community after graduating. College was considered a public good back then, and because the state and government believed this they kept it free of charge. Their opinions began to change over time,
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