The Pros And Cons Of Student-Professor Relationship

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In early 2015, Harvard University had declared that all professors who commit any romantic and sexual relationships with undergraduate students are to be fired. To explain such policy, Harvard professor Alison Johnson regards it as “a formalization of an existing culture” in most universities, where student-professor relationships have been considered as unethical and expected to be prevented, no matter if they are suspended in the rule or not (Gebreyes). Since student-professor relationships are intricate and risky, I am not going to argue if they are completely fine in this essay. However, I agree with Neil McArthur’s belief that “the decision lies within the realm of personal freedom possessed by those involved” in student-professor relationships (130).…show more content…
Perhaps the strongest argument in favour of banning student-professor relationships, according to McArthur, is the lack of students’ consent (136). People who dismiss these relationships…show more content…
Like it or not, we should let professors and students freely decide for themselves whether or not to engage in such relationships. Nevertheless, I personally think that anyone who engages in this relationship, which is hardly uncontroversial, needs to guarantee that both his/herself and his/her partner are safe. And for the sake of justice, private and professional concerns must definitely be separated. Not only must these relationships not manipulate students’ grades in any university works, but we ourselves as observers should not condemn such relationships or devalue people involved in without accurate
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